Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 Hands-on- Windows 8

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Pinterest- just got some hands-on time with the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 Windows 8 Tablet….


  1. please, someone, post a link to tpt2 teardown or repair videos. the official one is not precise: it was apparently made before finalizing the assembly design. After I went into my tpt2 64gb trying to install 3g (no slot was there, unlike shown in official disassembly), i must have screwed up somewhere with the ribbon cables, but everything seems to work, except usb-a port, which does not even have power. please advise. no service center is available in the hole where I live.

  2. How's it stand as a screen linked device as in a pure graphic tablet connected to my desk top running mudbox zbrush and photoshop. How deep are the pressure sensing levels? This could be a nice alternative to a cintiq

  3. The sales guy is like, "Its can do EVERYTHING your desktop computer at home does"

    The interviewer then asks how much hard drive space. (pause)
    "uh…64gb and 32gb…however 64gb will be the standard"

    and ram..

    "2mb…I mean 2gb!"

    Interviewer "oh…" *Tumble weed*
    ….Just 2GB to run full fat windows 8??!!

  4. guys..guys… they put the latest intel atom in this tablet, its not like the most intel atom in most of netbook this day, beside intel atom is better than any android tablet chip right now, THIS IS A TABLET… DUH!! not a PC for playing hardcore games 😛

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