Lenovo Yoga Book Review (Windows 10) | 2017

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The Lenovo Yoga Book is more than just a Windows tablet, it’s unique HALO keyboard and digitiser pen transform it into a unique creative tool. But is it worth $550 and which version should buy Windows or Android?
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  1. I have considered it, and at the time when this video was posted, I bought a Lenovo MIIX310 instead. Because the MIIX310 offers detachable physical keyboard and 2 full-size USB-A ports, a bigger battery, a lighter weight when using as a tablet, a cheaper price, and of cause, a worse screen.

  2. the concept is awesom of that digital keyboard is awesome..now if surface pro or surface book ofthe future had that feature and made you choose between traditional keyboard and digital key board with digital notepad built into the digital keyboard attachments then the surface pro and surface book would literally be the best tablet or 2 in one tablet/laptop hybrids …this is one feature micorsoft def has to get for the next surface pro and surface nbook..digital keyboard looks futuristic af 😛

  3. I wonder how the Android version keyboard handles multiple language input. On Windows you just add another keyboard layout and switch to it. On Android it's a bit trickier, and this is not an on-screen keyboard where you can change layouts relatively easily.

  4. I'm a student and am looking for a new laptop to replace my broken one, should I consider the yoga book? I'd probably only need it for notes and the odd essay now and again, but John Lewis at the moment have an idea pad 320 with 8gb of ram for roughly £350 (sterling). Which should I choose?

  5. I know nobody is probably not going to reply but which one is better for these tasks, watching YouTube & twitch, social media, light graphic design, and light online games(ex. Kongregate.Com)

  6. I would buy it because..
    1) The small size and light weight form is perfect to chuck it into my handbag daily. Don't even need a dedicated laptop bag.
    2) I could use it comfortably as an e-reader especially for ebooks which I have in my cloud storage.
    3) It's perfect size as a comic and manga reader. Awesome.
    4) I would use it with cloud tools and apps for office stuff – like documents editing etc
    5) I could binge on movies and drama while laying around on the couch or on the bed without tiring of holding it. I don't need to sit at my desktop unit to do that.

    I am not 100% sure if I would like that halo keyboard tho. Worried it might change my touch typing muscle memory. Hope I don't need to type too much with it. Ha.

    Anyways, I really enjoy your reviews. Very thorough and thoughtful 🙂

  7. Shame that the magnetic Stylus doesn't work properly at the the screen.
    I really like the idea of writing on paper and having it shared to my PC, but for that niche market that I'm part of the Bamboo Slate Smart pad is a much better deal.

  8. You drew on the laptop comparison too much; it just doesn't make sense. It is targeted at digital artists, students who want to digitize their work, and tablet-loving professionals who find themselves writing on the screen's virtual keyboard. The tablet is ideal for them, combining the advantages of a tablet (small weight, portable) with the advantages of a "laptop", i.e. an integrated keyboard that does not take up screen space.
    How many times have you seen journalists typing away on their tablet? This is for them…this way they get a stable surface to type on, more convenient angles, they can hand-write if they wish to (to write faster), while keeping digital copies of everything they do.
    Now, I would love to have this with a SSD drive and an Apollo-Lake processor and two USB-C ports…this would so increase its practicality, without going overboard on specs, which would not make much sense and would put it up against proper laptop-replacements.

  9. I'm thinking of getting it because I'm actually really slow when I type on an actual keyboard. I'm so used to typing on my iPad, that when I type on an actual keyboard, I forget to actually press hard on the buttons .

  10. The touchscreen problem isn’t real if you use phones and tablets a lot say u use an iPad Pro getting this keyboard you can type quickly without many mistakes. I feel ur being close minded on this because you have a traditional laptop you believe it should only get this if you already have a laptop which most people wouldn’t consider practical to get it then (this was typed on a a touchscreen.

  11. I wouldn't mind having this machine, looks very sharp and I really like Hybrids, presently I have The Nextbook Flexx 9 with Windows 10 and also the RCA Viking Pro with Android Marshmallow, I had the Smartab 10.1 but that one was a bit laggy but did the job just the same. All 3 do what I need them to do.

  12. Hi, thanks for the informative review, i have been really tempted to purchase this Windows version but i just heard you say "CHROME OS version coming" please can you tell me more, if chrome version is coming i am sold straight away

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