Lesson 11: How To Optimize The Windows 8 Paging File

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This video covers how to modify the Windows 8 Paging File to optimal settings depending on how much memory your computer came with. The paging file has become less relevant now that system memory has become less and less expensive, but this tip should yield positive…


  1. I don't think I ever changed the settings but when I went and to Chang it the initial size was 2872 and the max size was 3096 but the recommended amount was only 1391.. Should I reduce the amount?

  2. Do not disable the paging file. On a workstation with 32GB of RAM, I had error messages in certain circumstances telling me there is not enough system memory, even though it was only using about 20GB out of 32. Enabling back the page file and setting it to 1024MB fixed the issues.

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