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  1. LG is the only company that is shipping phones with removable battery and SD card option. I'm sick and tired of reviewers giving other companies a free pass for taking away battery and SD card option. if people stop buying those junk the they would be forced to bring that back. none removable battery is only good for 6 months at most and you have to constantly charge it or buy a new freaking phone which is what they are forcing the consumer to do.

  2. I am a die hard LG fan. I personally cannot imagine using a smartphone without the LG rear power and volume buttons. Between that and the super thin bezels, I can live with the few downsides of the g3. Hopefully the g4 will get the front facing speakers, and better battery life, and if it does, I will be looking forward to the upgrade with a lot of anticipation!

  3. If I could win this in a giveaway, oh yeah *wink wink. But I do really want this phone. The hype is real. I use a LG G3, love it minus the Virizon lack of updates, but the G4 rumors and specs are crazy. I can't wait!

  4. Love my G3. I was tempted to do the S6, but will hold off until the G4 is announced to make a final upgrade decision. Also happy to finally have Lollipop officially running on my T-Mo G3. Took long enough…

  5. Damn sure right excited. Have the G2. Wanted the G3, had no chance of getting it at all. Planned to pre-order the G4 when it releases for Singapore and when my contract ends at the same time period😂😂

  6. Actually yes, I'm holding out for the G4. As much as I've enjoyed my G3, which eclipses every previous smartphone I've used, I can't wait to see what this new flagship device will bring to the table.

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