LG smart fridge with half-transparent display & Windows 10

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LG shows their newest smart fridge running Windows 10 on a half transparent display. It also features a built in camera and a bluetooth speaker


  1. My concern is…just like any other electronic device this will breakdown, malfunction or need to be upgraded at some point. I would never by a refrigerator like this for those reasons. It's not like you by a new refrigerator ever year so when the system starts to malfunction or becomes old…then what?

  2. Looks stupid. And so LG have this new model fridge and they're still charging an arm and a leg for their simple instaview fridge? Lol. Fuck em. Businesses like this only respect the customer when they're going out of business. And by then it's too late.

  3. I have a few suggestions; why not have the screen on both sides for symatry and so you can watch cooking videos in a 4:3 ratio? 2nd Why windows, hard to sync with a mobile when no one uses Windows Mobile. Why have the speaker on the roof of the fridge when acoustically it will bounce of the ceiling? Lastly why do all these smart fridges have cameras in the door and not on the top of the shelves looking down I tend to place large objects in the front like a milk carton or left overs, how can you see past those?

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