Life In Linux 4 Erase Yourself

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TOTAL OS TODAY and Switched to Linux discuss how to erase yourself from the internet. Check out Switched –


  1. Exactly my opinion about Gnome. I have an old PC but with 8GB DDR2 memory. I like to run my distros in the Virtual Machines, I use Peppermint 8 for the office work and Ubuntu 16.04 for my banking etc. I dumped Ubuntu 17.10 for banking for 2 reasons.
    – It uses more memory then Windows 10, it does not run in a 2GB Virtual Machine, gnome-shell + gnome-software = 1GB.
    – Plain Ubuntu 17.10/18.04 are the only distros that freeze, when using it with 3D enabled in Vbox.
    I did file a bug report with 'ubuntu-bug', but that has a low priority. I downloaded some other distros from that stable (Budgie, Mate, K- and X-) to look for a good replacement for plain Ubuntu in April, despite that I used it for 10 years. I was cheating once before for ½ a year with Xubtutu, because the first release of Unity had issues with my video card.

  2. I had my 1tb hard drive crash on me a few weeks ago which had bad sectors in it anyway. I did backup however my backup was also faulty. SO I got a new 2tb hard drive and 2tb external backup drive as well this time around. I went from Linux Mint to Lite. Back to square one as far as settings and programs that I had. LOL.

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