Lightworks tutorial getting started everything you need to know to get started with Lightworks

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this is a video tutorial of the lightworks video editing software my version of lightworks runs on ubuntu linux. I hope with this tutorial anybody with a basic knowledge of video editing will be able to quickly learn this program and get started right after watching

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  1. Probably not the best way to demonstrate "replace" and "insert" using videos that have pretty much the same content. It would have been much clearer if you had used two video files with very different contents (for example, a video about sea gulls and another video about, say, a car).

  2. its 2017 i wasn't getting the same pics and looked you did this in 2013. Just looked and there was one for version 14.. and what does pinned mean.. i was doing something on you tube and it erased my whole comment. I have a piano sight called pianostyle100. ive been just playing on the piano and talking in a very informal manner. I would like to put the text on the clips to show what i am doing.. i would like to do some voice overs also. Of course i need to learn how to do fade in and out…
    Does this program do any cropping on the video .. I have 50 piano videos and around 30 videos on guitar you tube defaulted my site to people and blogs.. I"ve to go in and put category, tags etc. On my guitar i would like to put fire coming from guitar .. crazy effects maybe this could be done with some type of gif.. I know in talk in the first person and repeat things alot and probably end sentences with prepositions.. but i consider this comunication not stilted languagel thanks for all your help . going to check out your video on 14.

  3. Fuck this software! If you can't teach me how to use this in 20 minutes I'm never using it again. 4 years later, and this garbage editor still doesn't work for shit.

  4. It looks like a good editor. I'm having the problem that LightWorks will not detect my clips in my file system, I click to import the files but my Tube folder appears empty even though it's full of 3GP files.

  5. sold. been frustrated with kdenlive. used to love kdenlive but since upgrading to a fairly modern machine and finding that it didnt render any faster plus kdenlive being buggy.

    installed lightworks, it rendered the same clip with same fx in less than 5 minutes that kdenlive took 35 minutes to render.

    Great tutorial!

  6. sry I have a problem: a have made a video in lightworks for the last few days and I almost finised. But accidentally I pressed the cross on the right hand corner of the editing window. it closed without asking anything! Is there a way to get my editing back? i'v tryed everything! Thanks for reading and answering:)
    ps nice video

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