Linux Action News 22

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Google’s new hardware fails to impress, Sailfish X becomes a reality, and the most disappointing thing about Munich’s slide back to proprietary software.

Plus why Bitcoin Gold is the people’s coin, Oracle advises the White House against FOSS, and ChromeOS gets a grownup Linux feature.

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  1. There is a law in germany that requires governments to support open formats.
    So yes if you send them open standard formats they are able to open and edit it.

    Anything else. You are seeing it from a technical standpoint.
    In fact the whole Munich situation was not a technical issue. LiMux was working fine as even the Accenture report stated.
    The main issue is a structural issue within the IT infrastructure in Munich. This has barely something to do with the LiMux client itself.
    Before Kolab there was no Groupware !
    The MS Exchange deal now is most probably violating EU law as it requires governments to have tender. Munich did one and the collaboration consortium around Kolab won this. Now without further notice they switch to MS Exchange and basically shut up completeley for the sake of security telling the public which software they actually use (security by obscurity).

    The whole switch back to Microsoft decided by a man which called himself fan of Microsoft.
    It is totally clear that this is a sole political decision by some politican who will most probably end up as a member of the supervisory board of Microsoft after his political career.

  2. 8:55 – Why would you buy an USD$1000 chromebook when they have been on sale for USD$200-USD$350 ? You might aswell buy a 500-600 buck netbook/windows atom/celery and just install proper linux or chromeos ……………………… its targeting the overpriced WANKERS that buy Apple laptops and surface pros , that elite market with too much money then sense

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