Linux Action News 31

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The Ghost of Yahoo and Mozilla go to battle, the right way to abandon a project, the coming UK Bitcoin crackdown, and Android GO is released to OEMs.

Plus the Intel ME situation that’s much worse than previously known.

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  1. Firefox will be blocking Unfilter soon. If you have opinions that are not approved by an American news network you will be blocked. Sorry guys. Suppressing information to control a perceived reality. America lives behind an iron curtain of information. 😀

  2. What!? That sounds like Mediatek changed its mind in regard to opening up their platform to developers. I haven't seen a LineageOS type "custom" ROM for my octa-core MT6753 SOC, yet. Why would MT be worth an endorsement on a channel*cough*format called "LINUX" action news …is it the "action" part? …or have i missed a memo?

  3. The difference is when CNN makes a mistake they retract it. There is a clear difference between news and fake news, its not an optioning. It comes down to how information is sourced and when mistakes are made they are retracted. all humans make mistakes but fake news is fabricated without sources. its not about spin or bias, its about fabricating events. I agree with mozilla, and there effort to identify fake news, those fake news stories are fabricated without sources, and can't be compared. If you going to just parrot Trump propaganda on this show, I'll make an effort to let people know.

  4. This is exactly what SJW entryism does to whatever it touches. Go in, be a toxic thought police, take over and then funnel the money away into your neo-communist ideology.

    Firefox is dead. It just appears to still be alive because the parasite still makes it move as long as it gets resources out of it.

  5. As Patreon is no longer a viable option for donating where can I go to send periodically small donations?

    I did withdraw from patreon because they rised the fee from 5% to 35% for small donation.
    I would rather make a bank transfer than pay that high fee.

  6. news vs propaganda
    The news and propaganda are often difficult to distinguish from one another, but the main difference is that the news is created with an attempt to minimize bias, while propaganda is intentionally biased.
    News is created to provide accurate information.
    Propaganda is created to manipulate people's actions or opinions.
    News tends to focus on past events, while propaganda is designed to affect people's ideas about the present and to influence them in the future.

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