Linux Action News 38

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Ubuntu is switching back to Xorg, Linus calls out Intel & are the BSDs dying?

Plus how you can start testing Plasma Mobile, Purism aims for convergence & Mycroft is back!

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  1. What is wrong with you lot? Convergence doesn't require an OS on the device and the desktop.. Just the device. Then when you attach that device to a monitor the apps morph into desktop mode.. That's convergence.

  2. Heh, not many using BSD in production. The small companies. Like … iOS, Playstation, almost any large fileserver ever. Granted that I don't use it as it generally requires "blessed" hardware. Well, if you want more than ethernet, storage, and a decent IP stack (if you have a supported device). As a dev it has interesting tools, like Pootle, Igor, and such. And the license has it's perks.

  3. Not that my oppinion would matter, I again disagree with Chris at the Lirbrem / Gnome thing.

    1. even the favorite company of Chris Canonical did not consider to use KDE Plasma yes they had qt apps, but still Plasma was not good enough, you can say look how it worked out for them, but that was not because of Unity, it had different reasons for different groups, for the people that are interested in Librem it had just 0 more freedom, all the blobs were there, so 0 advantages over Android from a freedom or security perspective and if you get nothing but loose apk packages why the hell would you switch?

    2. KDE Plasma started 10 years ago, they did not even manage to get any success with it on the desktop, nobody uses it, what have they? 2-5% maybe desktop share under linux and Gnome what with the current canonical move shurly soon >50% And they had 10 years time to get something good done for plasma still its not very good.

    So lets say gnome gets it off to realase in 1 2 years a slightly worse OS than plasma, that still would mean that they get things done at nearly 5x the speed. so if you then wait 1 2 years longer they are 10 years ahead of Plasma.

    I am sorry but the KDE project is a big history of failure, all the fanboys that have sympathy for them, still have to admit that nobody uses it for a longer time. That just don't exist. So yes you are hyped again so will use it for 1 2 months have fun with it.

    3. its fucking horrible ugly.

    To sum it up, yes some developer love it because of QT, but Users hate it or just don't care about it at all. And its fine that they get there shot too on the librem, but try to bet the future of librem on such loosers I don't think is a good idea.

  4. I use Linux, but I don't hate the BSDs. My only con about the BSDs is there software packages are a couple/few versions behind Linux, eg. Firefox.

  5. I am really looking forward to Plasma Mobile. I totally agree that Purism should set itself apart with the Plasma Desktop offerings to differentiate itself from the other commercial offerings.

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