Linux Basic Linking, Archiving & Compression Commands

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This Tutorial explains Linux linking, archiving and compression commands like ln, zip, bz2, tar etc. All concepts are explained with elaborated examples.

Tutorial Topics:-

1. What is soft link and hard link.
2. How to make soft link and hard link.
3. Difference between soft and hard link.
4. How to remove soft and hard link.
5. How to zip you file and folders
6. How to unzip your zipped content
7. How to use bzip2 for compressing your files and folders
8. How to use bunzip2 for…


  1. Thanks for the video. Even though it is basic material sometimes when I review the basics I get ideas that are sometimes only tangentially connected to the subject matter under discussion that changes the way I think about things, so it is not a waste of time.

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