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Set up an account for a new System Administrator, Jason, who has just joined your team. His full name is Jason Doe, his shell is bash, he is a member of a new group called admin. His user quota at /home is 100Mb.Jason can execute any command as root but has to supply his own password at each request.


  1. Joe, thank you for this video. I don't know if you do respond to the remarks made, but in all sincerity, there is a bit of confusion in the answer, especially the quota section which you say should carry a lot of points. Could you redo the video and edit it before posting. Is there a new way of setting quotas in RHEL7?. Thank you.

  2. You did not explain why the new user jason would not be asked for the password, you didn't explain what you wanted to install, you install things that do not exist, you didn't explain why you skipped installing quotatool, you create files then you delete them, you didn't explain how you enabled quota, you didn't explain how you turned it on and finally the video gets stuck on the end so we don't see the commands you used. Man, you suck so much!!! A lot of mistakes, a lot of confusion, a lot of chaos and little explanations.

  3. Joe, thank you for the great tutorial. How do you fill the quota using the command?  Your video near the end at around 20min line does not show the commands you are using.  You seem to use command like cat and touch. Could you explain? Thank you.

  4. Hello Joe. Is the visudo command the proper command to change the sudoers file? Which version of linux have you used, which required manually creating quota files in the past?

    Thank you

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