LINUX BENCHMARKS: REAL WORLD USE!!! (Linux PC Build Performance) EP283

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PC Benchmarks are a community unto itself. Frame Rates, Hz, DPI, Cores, Read/Write Rates, GPU performance, Temperatures, etc…

It’s an endless list of numbers that really don’t add up to much in “Real World” use as most people don’t use their computers to run benchmarks. So let’s see some practical uses of my Linux PC Build in the real world.


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  1. For the most part i would have to agree since benchmarks generally create artificially-generated data that represents the averaged maximum of what your hardware could push at a given moment and doesn't consider the possible real-world performance. In some cases real-world results may produce better results or worse ones and that these benchmarks give a general indication of how it's going to perform but it's not the final word.

    That being said, if people still want to run benchmarks on Linux, the Phoronix Test Suite is pretty good from what I heard. Haven't tried it myself yet.

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