Linux: CentOS 6 Install Tutorial

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A tutorial covering CentOS Linux Enterprise Linux 6 operating system install. Discussing all the install options and different configuration available during the operating system install.

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  1. Just some general feedback – try not to talk so fast, you talk so quick – what felt like a hundred miles an hour – it makes it hard to follow and understand everything. But great video – it was very helpful!

  2. Thanks SysAdmGirl – just new to CentOS and have installed/reinstalled a few times in Virtualbox just to get familiar with all options … always good to get tutorials here on youtube!

  3. I'm installing CentOS 6.6 i386 Minimal on a Pentium 4 2.4GHz with 1024GB RAM and a 40GB HD. Is it normal to get a black screen with a mouse cursor for an extended period of time after I skip the media test at the beginning?

  4. hi sorry to bother you with a stupid question, I am installing CentOS 7 on my new laptop ACER ASPIRE E5-571-51ZL and I am having 2 problems.

    Issue 1:  The wireless card is recognized but when i configure my hidden networks it doesn't connect.  Any other computer in my house has no issues only the one with centos has issues.

    Issue 2: For some reason the touchpad is not recognized is any way to see which hardware in the compute is not recognized by CentOS 7?

  5. I like the tutorials you uploading, if you kindly upload a fedora 21 server graphical mode installation, that would awesome, or if you have one, grab me the link here.

  6. SysAdmGirl, I enjoy your videos, however, when you're explaining the topic you go to fast and its hard to keep up specially if you're new at this. Perhaps you don't notice it but you speed up as you move through the screens; I find myself pausing and rewind. Just an observation.

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