Linux Command Line – Directories and Files

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Part 2 of a Free Technology Workshop on Linux Command Line. Basic commands for directory navigation, file creation and manipulation and text processing including: cd, ls, cp, mkdir, find, grep. Given by Steven Gordon at Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology, Thammasat University. Course material via:


  1. hi , seven Gordan you know how do to this :
    Write the necessary commands to create a folder named testfolder in the Desktop using the
    correct syntax for:
    a) Linux Terminal (assume you are currently in the root)


  2. Why are these little punks so mean to the professor?, deleting his files and crap. The guy is doing a great job! I think I can actually move around in a linux file system for the fist time. Awesome!!

  3. Overall, this guide is very straightforward. The basic directory and file commands are explained well on verbally and on screen visually. The examples are helpful in understanding the material. Visually, the code is easy to see. New topics are presented slowly and terminology is kept at a level understandable to those new to the subject. It suffices to say that all will understand this material after spending a couple hours going through this lesson and the examples on their own. The material is broken down well into modular components so as allow more efficient teaching of the overall topic of Linux command line.

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