Linux Command-Line for Beginners: Your First 5 Minutes

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About the Video:

A super-basic introduction to the Linux command-line for beginners. I show the basic linux commands in a normal (point-and-click) graphical user interface, and then type out commands which do the same thing in a non-graphical environment (“the shell”). You’ll learn:

1. How to see the current directory in the Linux filesystem.
2. How to change directories in Linux (with shortcuts).
3. How to see what’s inside a directory.
4. (Bonus: where e-mail addresses came from!)


  1. First Linux Commands:

    pwd | prints the name of the directory you are in
    ls | lists the files that are in a directory
    ls <Directory Name> | lists the contents of a directory
    cd | Changes the directory
    cd <Directory Name> | Changes current directory to spefied location
    clear | clears the text on the screen
    cd .. | up directory

  2. It's kind of funny that since I didn't want to faff around with adding virtual 64 bit support to my windows box that I'm watching this on, I instead set up a clean install of linux on one of my laptops and then run SSH through putty with keypair authentication.

    …And I still had no idea that the pwd command even existed, I always just used ls.
    Oh well, the more you know and all that… XD

  3. For the argument of "easier" clicking on the desktop versus typing out the command on the command line to see what's in it, seems
    That The GUI is easier, your taking something that is one mouse click away and turning into several keystrokes about 5-10 so that seems less efficient to me.

  4. Hey Dave nice job man as I new user I appreciate you/them. To all of you people to just like to post negative BS about how he did or didn't make the tutorials to your specification please feel free to create your own series of videos other wise please sit back and have a tall glass of shut the hell up and leave your negative comments out of it. suggestions is one thing but just complaining to complain is not really needed or wanted I'm sure .

  5. cd /home/sairam is my home directory if i dont know my home directory how can i find the home directory name in the real time like in companies if i am in a different directory and how can i exit from the root directory and how to get into the root directory

  6. Brilliant tutorial so far online. Well plantation and well design for entire introduction of Linux even I just watched the first video now. Keep uploading please. I would pay special attention on your channel.

  7. One minute and 25 seconds in and he still hasn't done a command. Please edit out the first minute of babbling what the video is about. We know from the title. 12,000 views times 1 minute equals 200 hours of total. The only thing that would have made it worse would have been t show us how to search for, download, and install linux like all the other retards do when doing a linux video as if people are morons.

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