Linux Command Line Tutorial #6 – Hard and Symbolic(Soft) Links

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Linux Command Line Tutorial #6 Content:

:# Hard Links
:# Symbolic Links
:# Difference Between Hard & Symbolic Links
:# Their Main Characteristics
:# Linux Commands For Creating Them

In this tutorial I will be talking about hard and symbolic links. Another name for Symbolic link is Soft link, you can use both of them, its not wrong.
I will teach you the difference between those two link types, their
main characteristics, and ofcource Linux commands for making them.

Linux Command…


  1. Good video, but the only thing missing is showing what happens when you make a change in the original file–what happens then when you click on either the hard link or soft link. Deleting the original file is understandable: broken link. But making a change to the original file? What happens? My problem with soft links is how to move them to parallel directories. I can move a link to a sub-directory–but that's all I can do. Maybe you can do a video on how to place soft links into other directories. Something like: ln -s ./[file] dir/sym-link. Or some such.

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