Linux Command Line Tutorial For Beginners 19 – Octal and Numerical permissions (chmod)

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The chmod numerical format accepts up to four octal digits. The three rightmost digits refer to permissions for the file owner, the group, and other users. The optional leading digit (when 4 digits are given) specifies the special setuid, setgid, and sticky flags.

# Permission rwx
7 read, write and execute rwx
6 read and write rw-
5 read and execute r-x
4 read only r–
3 write and execute -wx
2 write…


  1. i have been learning a lot which your teaching method.
    Questions lets say i has /Desktop/a/b/c/d and file.txt in /d how do i move from /d to desktop; I have tried mv filename ../ ../ (i can only move it back two dir when i use another ../ for the third time it tell me that the dir is busy. ) is the away to mv file anywhere in the system and how can i do it thank you. .

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