Linux Commands 101 : Tar / GZ File Compression & Archive

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Though gz, tar, zcat and gunzip sound like names of rejected superheroes, they’re actually part of a really powerful archive and compression tool in Linux. || Add me: – Learn about tar and more with my terminal tutorial Fight for the users in our Discord:


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  2. Does it take a longer time to delete files from a large tar zip and rar archive than a smaller one? I would think that for a file to be deleted from an archive, all the data that exists after the deleted file would have to be re-written to the archive, thus taking longer as opposed to a smaller archive where the amount of data to re-write is less… if not, how are these archives able to remove data from the middle of the archive without re-writing the rest of the data?

  3. using "Tape ARchive" (i.e. tar) with the options -cz(vf) should be followed by a filename .tgz (tar-gzip). Naming a file .tar would suggest the usage of the options -cf (no z), hence, no compression. Alternatively, compressed tape archive files are also called *.tar.gz or *, depending on the compression method.

  4. Switched to Ubuntu Linux 12.10 (from Windows 7) about two days ago because of Nixie's depiction and explanation of Linux. Loved it and haven't looked back. Good luck my friend, and have fun when you do switch!

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  6. i like zless better, because you can scroll back and forth… but there's not cat reference. if you don't have it installed you can do this:

    gunzip war-of-worlds.txt.gz|less

    you could probably turn that into a shell function. that's probably too advanced for an intro video though

  7. tgz is just an abbreviation of two file extensions put together: .tar.gz

    the conventios is that this naming means this is a gzip-compressed tar file (as opposed, say, a gz.tar which would be a tar of gzip files, which isn't so common because of technical reasons to do with how file compression fails over networks).

    I think this extension was invented for filesystems that had name limits, like DOS files that can only be 8.3 chars long (in like fasion, .jpeg becomes jpg, or html becomes htm)

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