Linux Commands 101 : wget – Download ALL THE THINGS!

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Get ready, get set, it’s wget! The most robust command to download all your favorite videos, music and media. For Linux, Mac and Windows alike! || Join the chat: ||

wget for windows:

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wget for linux:
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  1. hello I am writing from Chile, I saw this video till the end, because I am learning how to use linux from 1 year ago, and the wget comand is something complicated for me, but when I watched your video I understood a little bit more, thanks for sharing your knowloedge, and let me tell you something, you are an amazing girl, you look so beautiful, I hope you let me know more from linux, and my question is I am using a slackware system based and some commands do not work in another linux, I downloaded youtube-dl but I do not know how to download youtube videos, can you explain how to use it?

  2. The problem with WGET is there is no clear way to download only what you want (I think there is one but the manual is too crytpic to figure it out).
    For example: I want to download the Tutorial for Pyhhton 3.5 from the website
    but the only way (I can find) to get the entire Tutorial is to use the command
    [code]wget –recursive
    and then wait until it moves on from the 3.5 docs to another version's docs before typing ^C to stop the script.

    WGET seems like such a powerful tool but like everything Linux, it is so cryptic it is difficult, if not impossible to use for beginners.

    Videos like this help but this video only touches on three [i]very small[/i] options and doesn't explain what most people ask about:
    i.e. getting entire website so you can click through the links like you were offline when you're offline

  3. what the fuck is this bitch babbling about. I don't understand about half the "words" she is saying. I'm not taking about the Linux stuff, I mean the fucktard slang she's throwing everywhere.

  4. How does this do this without requiring a username and a password? I am trying to use this as an alternative to my FTP client so I can download large sites and make copies of site that I want to work on locally more quickly.

  5. Very nice EdVid. By the way, Ms Pix, are you with the FBI or CIA? Because that is a sweet rusty I-beam in the background. The location of Bones or Closer. Thank you<:=)

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