Linux Commands for Beginners: 10 – The top Command

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Welcome to my Linux Commands for Beginners tutorial series, where I’ll show you how to use the Linux Command shell (specifically Bash) one command at a time. This series aims to take you from a beginner to an advanced user, one video at a time.

In this episode I demonstrate the top command, which is useful for displaying an overview of system resources.


  1. I'm 41 and have decided to learn Linux after 10 years of Ubuntu use. Firefox started to hang the system. Thanks to your help i got into tty, ctrl+alt+f1. That felt great on its own. But then i killed the PID responsible, and now i feel like i am……… "A GOD AMONG MEN!" HAHA! Let me have this moment. I fell like Matthew Broderick in "war games."

  2. Sir Thanks a lot.sir please tell me how to show a process which a basically hidden Top viewed command (When i created a Dos attack on a Linux server it's processing utilization increased but unable to see in top viewed command) .Sir your prompt response is highly appreciated.

  3. Great video, but the audio is very, very low. If you decide to do future videos, I would be happy to help normalize your audio so that it's easier for people to hear. Feel free to contact me!

  4. Hello J!
    Your tutorials are excellent! Besides all the information you give us being relevant and to the point, you articulate your words properly and your pace is just right. Hats off to you. Please, please, please, do remember that most of us learning here do NOT have English as our first language. So, to ease our learning process you keep in mind the above mentioned factors. Thank you so very very much for your efforts & willingness to share your knowledge. Take care!

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