Linux Commands Tutorial – sed basics

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A tutorial on the basics of how to use the sed command to manipulate contents of text files.

This tutorial covers commands like:

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  1. id,name,description,participants
    1,"First Name", "First name description"," Seth, John, Frank"
    2,"Second Name", "Second Name Description", "Tom, Dick, Harry"
    3,"Third Name", "Third Name Description", "Frank, Dick, Seth"
    4,"Forth Name","Forth Name Description"," Seth, John, Frank"
    5,"Fifth Name","Fifth Name Description","Rank, Marry, Frank"
    6,"Sixth Name","Sixth Name Description","Tom, Harry, Frank"
    7,"Seventh Name","Seventh Name Description", "Seth, Marry, Dick, Harry"
    8,"Eighth Name","Eighth Name Description","Tom, Dick, Jones"
    9,"Ninth Name","Ninth Name Description"," Marry, John, Tom"

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