LINUX – Customize Ubuntu (Beautify the Desktop Environment) 2017

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LINUX – Customize Ubuntu (Beautify the Desktop Environment) 2017

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  1. Hah, it's my conky widget you're showing. But now I know why it's so widespread… seems to come default with that tool. It's a shame it's so widespread since it depends on a very particular font to look good. This version is all wonky.

  2. Really great guide. I had already figured out alot of stuff but I had no idea where to find good icon themes and nautilus always annoyed the hell out of me. Thanks alot! PS – Ubuntu is pronounced OOO-buntu (that's like You without the y or like doom without the d or the m) and not e-buntu.

  3. Although most of what you showed except the new file manager I truly appreciate the effort you put in that tutorial video concise clear and well detailed thanks man. i have already subscribed. More of this please.

  4. If You have only 4gb of RAM, and something like i5 processor, and You cannot afford Gnome effects and You really can live without, try Openbox. It's bit of a hustle to make it work, but it's really worth it, cause if You render a lot of videos You might need those 2gb of RAM that Gnome takes, and use them for more useful things that makes You more productive. When Gnome will be able to run on devices with only 1 gb of RAM I will come back and take a look, or I really need to upgrade my PC, anyway Openbox with PCManfm as file explorer is way to go for older PC's.

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