Linux? EP 029 : Part 2 : Mint Debian? Part 2 : Ubuntu Vs Ubuntu : Where Did my Donation Go?

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More topics on Mint Debian, the AHHH with the thing Ubuntu Ubuntu refuses to do, and should donations to Linux distos be transparent.

James Center Box AKA

Jordan Left Box AKA

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  1. @KeibearsProperty more missing pacs than anything.

    If you sit down with Ubuntu and like the GNOME interface, after a few to 10 hours worth of tweaks you actually have a petty good system.

    But in some cases the pacs missing are not just codex but config files so novice users just assume that what they want to mess with cant be messed with in Linux.

    Once you are ok with Linux enough to know oh pac X was not installed this is not a problem, but the novice user Ubuntu targets dose not know that.

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