Linux For Beginners: Files and Folders

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[ SHOW NOTES: ] In this episode, we check out the directory structure of Linux and compare it to other operating systems and get familiar with the anatomy of a Linux file hierarchy.


  1. thanks for the tutorial videos am very new to Linux Mint on my second PC my main pc is Win 10 never used Linux before the last OS I used was on the Atari st and Amiga apart from Android USED WINDOWS SINCE WIN 95.

  2. Very well done Thank you. If anyone watching this video needs direction I can tell you, your on the right path being at this guys page. deffinately suscribe. Its my first and only so far. As far as what distro to use get a free virual machine and watch tutorials how to set it up. Then try them all at the same time. I have tried everything and went with Ubuntu based mint13. good luck

  3. I have done nothing this week except watch tutorials from virtual box to linux distros. I actually created this dumb you tube channel so I could comment on this excellent video.

  4. Thank You for high quality no BS content in this video. I have watched tutorials on Linux and programming more than I have eaten or slept this week. This will be my first  comment.

  5. information system major in college with zero experience using any os besides windows. which unix/linux OS would you recommend? ive been attempting to reformat and wipe an old laptop with os x mavericks, but cant get my hands on a macbook to download the startup program to a usb

  6. I haven't tried linux mint debian edition but now that you've mentioned it, I'm going to install it on of the empty partitions on my hard drive to test it out. The irony of the whole situation is that I didn't even think of trying to manually turn the wireless (using the keyboard button for wifi and bluetooth) on and off to see if it made a difference. It's quite possible that I didn't have to touch the pre-existing kernel. On another note, I would buy a few geekblogtv window stickers if they were to be produced in order to support your movement, and spread awareness. I have used a lot of the information you've provided and feel like I must pay hommage.

  7. Hey James. Thanks for your reply. After 6 attempts at compiling a kernel from source following directions found on the internet, I was finally able to successfully compile a fully functional custom kernel from source. I believe that I was getting the ICEauthority error due to trying to compile the kernel as root. The old fashion debian way to compile a kernel from sourced worked for me which makes sense since linux mint is based on ubuntu and ubuntu is based on debian. I also found out how to patch a kernel, but decided to manually make changes to the necessary files, in order to avoid any possible complications. Thanks a lot for sharing you knowledge with us. I apreciate your work. Take care.

  8. I thought your video was helpful until you resorted to cursing.  "Shit" and using God's name like that are an insult to me and totally beneath your dignity as a professional trainer. 

  9. Thanks for posting videos for us james. I've learned a lot from you. Can you make a video for us, showing how to patch a kernel? I have an acer aspire s3 951 running linux mint 16 and my on board bluetooth doesn't work. I found out that this patch fixes the problem, but I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how to apply the patch. I've follow guides on how to download the kernel source code, manually edit the necessary files, and compiling a new kernel, which resulted in ICEauthority acting up, then a totally black screen, minus the mouse. Is there a way to just create a lkm that can be reversed if it doesnt fix the bluetooth issue, instead of compiling a custom kernel from source? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again james.

  10. Hey man, love the informative vids. I have a question. Is there a way to intall backtrack on Ubuntu without turning my Ubuntu into Backtrack. Also dont want to make a virtual Backtrack machine. Thanks in advance :).

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