Linux for Network Engineers: You need to learn Linux! (Part 2) Network OS and network automation

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GNS3 Academy:
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Linux: It is important that you as a network engineer learn Linux. In this video I demonstrate Linux shells running on a Cisco Nexus (NX-OS) 9000 /9k and Arista vEOS and Cumulus Linux all running in GNS3.

Packet Pushers:

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  1. As a Network Engineer you'll have to learn SDN, Python, Ansible, Linux along with having a CCIE and a degree. I should have become a doctor! Same lifetime education requirement but so much more return on time investment.

    Oh well, Linux, here I come.

  2. David, thanks for your videos! It's really useful for us. Can you recommend some resources with Linux training (videos, books, etc)? And what do you think about LPIС certification? Is it good or bad idea. Thanks!

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