Linux G+ Communities, Wallpapers, User Tweaks & Inspiration!

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This video is to share a few Google Plus Communities and sources for some fun inspiration , wallpapers and user tweaks.

Michaล‚ Dybczak -YT Channel:
Art for the desktop:
Karl Schneider:
Linux Historians:


  1. Hey distro-huggers. The link below claims to have an image of Fedora 28 Beta.

    While most of you might say, "whoop-te-doo," the fact is Fedora Betas are often as good as many other distros regular point releases. Also, many distro developers will look at this and try to see what fixes or features need to be implemented in their next distro. Fedora 28 Beta does NOT have the latest bells and whistles. But nearly everything is from a recent stable version from the upstream software, is more recent than nearly all other distros that advertise a stable release. If you need newer software, you have to use a development release, or run pure Arch, which in theory is almostl like living in a development release. Right ??

    Is this website an official place to get Fedora isos, or is it a community place ??

  2. hint: do a linux "cpupower governor" power setup video
    cpu power management with cpu power good for linux laptop users etc.
    I have setup it on my arch linux cpu power governor = "conservative" mode ๐Ÿ™‚
    Happy Easter ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Hey Rob! Yes, I have to agree, personalization is the fun part! Even though I don't have any skin in the game I think all of the plugs and mentions you give are a great contribution to the community. Keep up the great work!

  4. Man! Thank you Rob. You, Sir, are way too kind. I have to admit, its been a little hectic lately. Currently, I'm working with Mark over at Peppermint OS. With any luck some of that work will make it in to the next release. We'll see. When I get done there I'll send something custom your way. Actually, I've got one to get done for Matt (darkone778). Then something special for Linux Quest.

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