Linux Gaming (Ubuntu) vs Windows 10 on VMware Benchmarks

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How does gaming on Windows 10 in VMware Workstation measure up to gaming on Linux native?

Before anything else – this is NOT PCI/GPU passthrough. VMware Workstation is a type 2 hypervisor and thus cannot support any form of hardware passthrough. VMware Workstation Player 12.x provides a DirectX 10 compatible display driver for the virtual Display Adapter provided to the the guest operating system.

Why would you want to game in a VMware virtual machine? Occasionally running games on Wine…


  1. Paying for Windows argument is getting old, no you do not need to pay and no one gives a flying fuck about your white knight morality about that in regard to the fact Microcunts have enough money.

  2. Pro tip: Buy a 2nd GPU and pass it through to a KVM machine. Or better, if you can, use the GPU on your CPU for your desktop applications and dedicate your GPU to a KVM machine.

  3. I am trying to find a way to play Sims 2 reliably on Linux without dual-booting. The game can be made to run in Wine, but it crashes constantly and has some minor rendering issues (nothing major. just UI related) and it appears to me that both VMWare and VirtualBox can't play it. I did get it running in VMWare once, but it was giving probably 5 frames per second and the house walls were flashing red. I'm kinda desperate at this point. i love Linux, but I can't just not play Sims 2. lol

  4. I have and igpu with intel hd 4000, and I want to run doom 2016. Since linux has the mesa drivers that let intel hd 4000 support vulkan (on windows, drivers for vulkan on intel hd 4000 are not available), would I be able to run doom. I might be crazy for trying to get doom 2016 running on integrated graphics, but lowspecgamer has provided several tweaks to get the game playable. Also, would this require me to download any drivers for the windows vm?

  5. The best way to play Windows games at 100% performance and compatibility is by installing Windows on a physical hard drive. Sadly almost every popular games is designed for running on Windows / Mac.

  6. I want to play CS GO on ubuntu 16.04.
    I do not want to dual boot windows 10 and ubuntu
    so installing ubuntu on vmware and playing cs go.
    the think is I get around 200fps on windows 10
    will I be able to get like 120 atleast on vmware running on ubuntu

  7. I find Lutris to be an excellent alternative. It still uses WINE, but it automates everything for you (much akin to Play On Linux, except no need to be hands-on).

    Something definitely worth looking into as it let me download and install SWTOR no problem (and gameplay was perfect) whereas my previous attempts doing so via manually configuring WINE were more or less failures.

  8. I wish developers would develop more for Linux. I just want a clean relatively stress free gaming experience without having to pay absurd amounts of money for Windows licenses and without having to tolerate all of Microsoft's scetchy corporate bullshit. The best products are those made out of passion and the desire to create rather than corporate greed.

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