Linux Gaming | Windows XP vs Windows 10 on VMware Benchmarks

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Let’s find out how Windows XP compares to Windows 10 for gaming inside a virtual machine.

Similar to the last VMware benchmark video I did, the host is based on Ubuntu 16.04. Both copies of Windows are fully updated and fully legitimate copies (no hackware).

I intended on using the Unigine Valley Benchmark, Tomb Raider, and the CS:GO Benchmarking map but my plans were cut short when I discovered that the Valley benchmark barely ran at 10 fps and Counter Strike Global Offensive wouldn’t…


  1. I really wish I could use ubuntu 16.04 as my main OS over windows 10, but I wouldn't be able to play games such as rainbow six siege, do you think siege could be played well enough in VM?

  2. Why would you virtualize windows inside you distro..? I mean, you escaped to free world just to play games on virtualized proprietary platform which is known to be malware? That just makes no sense to me…

  3. It may just be me, but I noticed that for my DXDiag tool running a VMWare Windows 7 VM, it lists that I have Direct X 11 support rather than 10. I've been able to get into the main menus of some DX 11 games but can't play them. Are they just working on implementing 11 support or what?

  4. Ahh do you understand anything about virtualization? If you have a gtx 1080 your VMware vms will give no crap about what gpu you have in there. Just do gpu pass-through and use a fully updated Windows 10.

  5. Which Linux DE are you favoring for gaming, i have been toying with Mint 18 & Ubuntu mate 16.04, Ubuntu mate seemed to have a better response, better use of the drivers offered, seemingly. I could just do a Win box for gaming but it's killing me to bail on Linux

  6. well, you answered another question I was wondering about.
    could you possibly make a video about using ntLite to get rid of some unnessicary services and how that might (or mightnot) improve performance?

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