Linux Kernel Module Programming – 01

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This video is part of a series that explains what the linux kernel is and how it works.
The linux kernel is important in that it serves as the glue between the user and the computer hardware. The kernel is the operating system.

Linux kernel is a mixture of monolithic design, where the entire binary is one huge program, and micro design, where you have a number of small pieces that function together and can be added or removed at runtime.

The important thing to get out of this video is…


  1. i read somewhere about the separation into userspace and kernel. i am confused about the role of the shell:
    * is the shell a part of the userspace?
    * is the shell some unique part between the userspace and the kernel?
    * is she part of the kernel?
    * is she an alternative to the userspace?

  2. @ SolidusCode

    Hi there, I know the basics of C language yet I am unable to find the start point of the thread from where C language for kernel programming begins. Where exactly should I concentrate in C language before viewing your videos?

  3. The odd and even kernel minor numbers system is no longer used, according to Greg Kroah Hartman in his Google Tech Talk in 2008 (here on YT) that system was discarded a number of years ago. All kernel releases are stable.

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