Linux/Mac Terminal Tutorial: How To Use The find Command

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In this Linux/Mac terminal tutorial, we will be learning how to use the find command. The find command allows us to scan through our file system in order to find files and directories that meet a certain criteria. We will also learn how to perform actions on the results that are Let’s get started.

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  1. I ignorantly glossed over find. I had no idea it could be so useful. Running on execute from the find results, why did I not think of this! You are a primo teacher, keep doing what you are doing! You without a doubt are helping many people. I enjoy your pace, depth of content. Your audio is excellent and you speak clear without any annoying clacking or spittle noises I find in so many youtube vids. And no stupid soundtracks or rediculous intro. THANK YOU

  2. Thanks for your videos, Corey. I'm using Linux since 5 years, seriously learning since about 3, and I'm still learning things from your vids. Your method with examples comes right to the point and is among the best tutorials on youtube, should have much more views imo. Rock on like that!

  3. Your videos help me get better faster, thank you! 
    When I run the command :
    > find Downloads/ -mmin -5 -exec mv {} Desktop/dir ;
    It will list the files modified in under 5 mins, but executing tries to move the entire Downloads directory, not only those files.

  4. Amazing tutorial as always. I am comfortable working with the terminal and wanted to shift to bash scripting. I know the basics of bash like conditionals, looping, variables, and inputs. I wanted ideas for making some real life and useful projects. Also if you can suggest some existing projects that I can read and extract ideas from.

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