Linux Mint 18 From A Windows User

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It still looks terrific after all these years. Highly recommended for beginners. Read ALL the release notes please. Don’t forget to subscribe for more and consider supporting Total OS Today.


  1. Hello this is Steve from the blue lab horseshoe my lab is about experimentation with text-to-speech and speech-to-text technology I'm a Linux Mint 17 user I found your video very interesting

  2. you just cant play games on it like using steam ive downloaded steam tons of time none of them worked linux mint 18 is the same as ubuntu 16.04 Shit when it comes to amd and games but offcorse its not theres fault that nvidia&intel is the only good company out there who supports us who uses linux just theres no need if you use amd i cant get it to work if anyyone just anyone know a fix to make steam open on linux mint 18 tell me of make steam open& not open in a small box on 1×1 cm on ubuntu tell me please tell me,

  3. I just installed Mint 18 and I have the same problem I had with MInt 17 " no sound." Nothing things to work. Mint has lost its magic, little polish, little eye-candy, old software and on top of that hardware issues after installing. It is a pity for a distro that was all about stability. I was forced by Mint itself to try other distros, just installed PepperMint and it works like a charm out of the box.

  4. Hello sir, i am facing some problems while installing latest version of linux mint cinnamon. The live usb works fine but after the installation started there was an error message stating something like error copying files to hard disk. I tried to install it again but the same problem occurred. Then I made the live usb again but with no success. Now what to do? (Previously i installed ubuntu 16.04 and some distribution based on 16.04 successfully) I am using an AMD fx processor with an AMD graphics card.

  5. Offtopic, but have you tried running a flavor of Ubuntu via crouton on a chromebook? Finally got around to it, and so far I'm really liking it. Had to point crouton to the 32GB SD card since the chromebook only has 16GB of internal storage (and 2GB of ram). Xubuntu skinned to resenble Mate/Gnome 2.x.

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