Linux Mint: Command Line Software Installs, Remove, and Search

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How to install, remove and search for software on the linux command line using the Mint Linux 12 Lisa dpkg (Debian Package Management System) commands .

sudo is a command that allow a command to run as another user, usually root.

grep: search function, usually a string (case sensitive)

To Install Software:
sudo dpkg install softwarename

To Search for Installed Software:
sudo dpkg -l softwarename
sudo dpkg -l | grep softwarename

To Uninstall but Leave Config Files:


  1. Just adding some information

    sudo dpkg -l | grep ssh

    will list every installed package in your system with "ssh" in the name, but if you wanna do the same search with the not installed possibilities, just use the wildcards ("*"):

    sudo dpkg -l "*"ssh"*"  # (without the quotes ", youtube comment system is not helping)

    Beside these ones, there's the "apt-cache" command that you can use the option "search" with a regex expression.

    Hope this help someone

  2. Hi SysAdmGirl, I'm UK based, but I'm very interested in working with Linux. I am a beginner with linux but I do work well with windows. I wonder if it's a fun profession for someone who loves computers like I do? And roughly how long it took you to progress to Linux. I'm prepared to do a course on it if need be… I've already installed mint 13 and subbed to your channel.

  3. Hi atahir 99, I am afraid i have no experience with that one at all but try Mr Spatry of linux spatry i am sure he can help or guide you to way you can do that 🙂 Take care always Steve 🙂

  4. Hi,
    Could you please help to install in command line, as I am new to Linux struggling to run install and run softwares especially this one!
    Thanks in advance!

  5. Hi, I'm a newbie trying to use RecorditNow in Mint 12 KDE for simple screencasting on my ASUS K50IJ (4GB RAM). The graphics just freeze, although Camtasia in Windows works fine. Is this a driver issue? Can you possibly offer advice on how to update drivers in Linux? Thanks for all your great tutorials!

  6. Linux is just one package. The desktop can be gnome.lxde etc etc some are more like windows than others. You try em out. Mint has quite a few of them.

  7. I know this video is about linux, but you're very beautiful, and I could not stop commenting. You're smart and beautiful. Why is it so hard to find a woman like that?

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