Linux Mint Debian 2014 VS Linux Mint 16 Ubuntu (main edition)

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Ubuntu vs. Mint vs. Fedora vs….


  1. mint has a 'drivers update' utility that is a no brainer- does this debian version have the same hting? Or do you have to becoem a programmer to isntall video drivers like in debian proper?

  2. getting rid of the small layer ubuntu is pretty easy I feel also that the niche ubuntu had mint does in every way better.

    it seems also its more popular, so getting rid of it could happen, but getting rid of debian as base is a thing I cant belive in, switching to something else shure but replacing it by itself. I dont see it.

    If Clement Lefebvre gets sick for 2 weeks there will not get released updates to the distro.

    Ubuntu did even switch to systemd, they was not even able to branch the bootloader from debian and this is a real company with employees and stuff no "projekt" in canoncial there are more then 500 mostly full-time-workers.

    vs more or less a one man show:

    even the switch away from ubuntu would need some growth on the developer/maintainer site.

  3. For those of you that are open to try new things, of the top 10 Linux distros only 2 distros have just have one desktop manager different of the mainstream desktop managers (KDE, Gnome, MATE, Cinnamon, XFCE, LXDE, Openbox, Fluxbox, etc): Ubuntu (it offers only Unity) and Elementary OS (it offers one called Pantheon). This information source was

  4. Hi congratz for your excellent video. To be fair, should be the same desktop manager for Debian-based and Ubuntu-based of Linux Mint? If you just have reviewed Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon and want to review Linux Mint 1 Debian shouldn't be better to install and review the Cinnamon version? Even if you like more MATE over Cinnamon.

  5. Last time I used a Linux distro was back in 2004. I think the last one that I used was mint. But back then, mint seemed pretty horrible. Now since Windows 8 has fudged me over, I'm thinking about going back to Linux again.

    I'm not sure of the story behind Mint and Ubuntu these past 10 years, but I'm trying to find a good distro that is great for gaming and video editing. Which distro is better for that? Thanks in advance.

  6. What I like to know is what is better Linux Mint Debian edition or Manjaro Arch based Linux or SolyOS who is much like Manjaro but works on Debian.
    I love PCLinuxOS Fullmonty but sadly the WiFi refuses to wrok for my computer on that one. If I can manage to make WiFi work on it I will probably install PCLinuxOS based on Debian.
    Do you have an advice what shoul I install. I want to install so that I do not need to worry about it needing a lot of updates and to have a on roling edition and leave the Ubuntu fuckheads for good.
    NOTE. That I like pakidges that have a lot of software on it by default from the first installation.

  7. I use to live UNbuntu now iI say FUCK UNBUNTU and this is why.
    Ubunty literly fucked me sfter years of using it. I used PInguyOS who is build on Ubuntu but look and feels and wroks exactly a lot like Linux Mint Unbuntu based edition.
    I made and updated my PinguyOS to fit my likings and it was soo cool made and worked really flawless. Really cool. And guess what. Ubuntu makes the new version 14.04 and the update manager stops working. Well that is not that bad except that bacause I tried the update manager after they changed version it fucked up thrugh synaptics the entire operative system, now usless not even booting correctly and I am using a live CD to download a new linux and install a new operative system.
    Lukelly I have partitionated my harddrive so I do not lose my personal files when reinstalling the new operitive system. BUt it still sucks BIG TIME since I wroked my ass off to make it perfect and now there update fucked it all up.
    And no I am not a new Linux user, I have bin using LInux for many years now and that Ubuntus upgrade fucked by bootloader really sucks.
    In the future I will be using Debian or Arch distros. RetHat or Fedora feels a bit not right, I simply do not like it.

  8. I've been using Ubuntu… but today, while updating from 13.10 to 14.04, everything went wrong, and now the entire graphical end is trashed. (I did force shut down during the update, but it wasn't responding!)
    So… I thought it was a good enough excuse to try Mint. So Ubuntu or Debian?
    This vid has convinced me to try Debian based first.

  9. Why I like to use ubuntu based edition? Simply because it's easier to use. I don't know shit about loading debian repositories, dpkg, apt, etc. If there would be descent and proper, clearly made, almost like copy paste like tutorials, so that EVERYONE could understand everything about these things, then it might be ok. Especially more – want to use Debian edition but don't know how – people.
    Forexample I like to use darktable naturally because Im a photographer. (not pro) and I don't have any interest to study these things without simple ABC instructions. And I know Im not the only one.

    And why in the hell all fucking üübernerd fucktards think that every average linux users are some fucking üübernerds who know everything right away when they hear word linux. – we don't need to tell them anything 'cause they know everything and even if they don't fuck them.

  10. I moved from XP in April on a desktop to Mint 16 Xfe. Not sure what the differences are between all the distros but I am enjoying Xfe and have found it intuitive and very fast indeed. I have downloaded and burnt to discs some other distros, nos and Sabalyon but not had time to try them out. I have turned into a major Linux enthusiast and enjoyed your video. I see some differences – not found Rubbish yet on Xfe but it is early days. Am I right to hear from you that there won't be a Xfe Mint 17 edition?

  11. Thanks much for this. I've been leaning toward Deb 7 for my reinstall but I've wanted a Mint machine for a while, only my desire to avoid Ubuntu has prevented it. Does Steam work on LMDE 2014?

  12. I love LMDE and LM and honestly the lack of HDDs and places to test different (say Gentoo which I just install for the first time ever.. still working on it though) ..different distros on .. I would use both if I had more computers here.  Really I think it has to do with I installed and customed LM the way I like it, THEN discovered LMDE.  LMDE may not be in my top two or three distros (Manjaro, Arch, and LM) .. though I have to say LMDE is 100% in my top 4 or 5.  Really I never ever had any issues with LMDE at all

  13. I LOVE LMDE,but i seem to have an issue with cache (memory) ,its at 33% even with nothing running. ???? it keeps rising,slowly,it went up to 80% .
    i'm running Mate on a 2007 Macbook, Ic2D, 2.0 GHZ,
    2 gig ram, any  Ideas anyone ?????
    i am a noobie (mac user)

  14. I've used Ubuntu from Heron through 12.04 and appreciate an OS that a noob can install and actually use on middle-of-the-road and older systems.  ANY other OS version/flavor is great to investigate.  Thanks for the info, well presented, and I'll check it out on an older P4 IBM NetVista.

  15. Downloading it right now, I love Linux Mint Debian, but I could not live without Windows. I use windows for gaming, since I'm a huge gamer. I'll dual boot. Great review. Earned a subscriber :3

  16. Kaddy i have tested LMDE 2014 i have uefi and everything went great i really think Linux Mint should focus more on the Debian edition and drop the. Ubuntu crap why do i say this well Ubuntu has turned to crap and i feel having a debian base is so much better that's my views anyway. Great review !

  17. BTW on today – Yahoo Tech Column is promoting Windows 7 and Mac as "better" replacements for Windows XP.  Rafe Needleman at wrote that Win8, Chromebook, staying with XP and Linux are all "bad ideas".  Linux is "for nerds".  I say that setting up Linux can be no more difficult that setting up Windows 7.  Using Linux is not more difficult either.

  18. I want this review redone.  too much has changed since you made it.
    Debian's decision to do PPA's, GTK stopping MINT, MIR stopping MINT to LTS only…   We need a new and updated review,,, honestly…

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