Linux Mint VS Windows 10 | Pros & Cons Discussion

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Which is better, Linux Mint or Windows 10? For gaming, is Windows 10 or Linux Mint better? Is Windows 10 the most secure operating system to date? Which OS offers more customization, Linux or Windows? Can you even game on a Linux? Which has faster internet service? For the common user, should you go with Linux Mint or Windows 10? Does Linux Mint perform better than Windows 10? Tech discussion with Heather, Quinton, and Agent Marty. Debating the pros and cons of Linux Mint and Windows 10.


  1. I have a fast connection so Linux is really fast. Steam provides Civilization though it does hog the whole computer.
    But then I am an old man 😉 Linux is stable for me, YMMV. I do use a free virus checker named Clamtk. I am a fan of Linux Mint.

  2. For games (Linux): if you tried Lutris, play on Linux / wine and Steam and still can't play the games you want. Then you need a Windows box as well.

    Video editing (Linux): KDEnlive, OpenShot, Blender are the most used then there are others as well.

    Photo editing / drawing (Linux): Darktable, Gimp, Krita are available.

    Media players: VLC and Kodi is the most well known.

    3D editing (Linux): Blender and Maya is available, (also renderman but you have to ask Pixar about that one)

    Audio (Linux): Back-ends Pulse Audio, Jack | Front-ends Clementine, Amarok, Lollipop, Spotify etc..
    Production: Guitarix, Audacity, Ardour, MuseScore, Hydrogen Drum Macine, LMMS.

    Office Suite (Linux): Libre Office, WPS Office, Google docs (web based), Microsoft Office 365 (web based), Open Office (not recommended)

    So no lack of software in Linux:)

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