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There are so many opinions when it comes to Linux but what is the truth?

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  1. I understand the truth about Linux and I don't care tbh. I left Microsoft Windows 3 years ago for Linux and I'm not going back. After watching and hearing things about Windows 10 it pretty much solidify my decision in not going back to Windows at all.

  2. "Beautiful" is a subjective term that doesn't need to be applied to Operating Systems. Of the three, Linux is the most customizable and can be made "beautiful" in the eyes of its users. On the balance, it's something that reviewers spend too much time on, rather than focusing on the real benefits of one OS v another. I'm not criticizing your review, because I think you hit most of the key points.

  3. Theres no paid proprietary software/drivers… Litteraly the only thing paid in linux is redhat, and its not the os, its the support that you pay for

  4. With regards to the "Linux is better than blah" point….well I always tell people that Linux is great, but it's not for everyone. I'll also have to respectfully disagree with you about OS X being being beautiful. I find it visually jarring. Aren't opinions great?

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