Linux Reviewed – Solus Project

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In this episode we are looking at the Solus Project, this is ONE of the best operating systems I have ever used.


  1. Distrowatch is much more than you think. It enables distros comparisons in great detail. Now they have added user ratings. I comment there weekly.
    Watched your very detailed review again. I My favourite Chromium based browser is Slimjet. Not easily available on any Linux distribution, including this. In my comments on Distrowatch, I also did not like the poor availability of applications. In January, Wikipedia mentions they use flat panel to allow more applications.
    Solus seems to be inventing the wheel again, making micro improvements that Ubuntu, Mint, etc.

  2. So many 3rd parties release compiled apps in DEB format. WINE, Crossover, Virtualbox, Ubuntu Linux kernels, Slimjet, etc.

    There is a DEB-to-RPM coverting app. Can Solus do similar, as Arch-based distros do, with AUR, Puppy does with Puplets, etc?

  3. another good video. I like your reviews. I'm running Windows simply for compatibility things like vr etc. I've tried dual booting in the past but changing distro would cause issues with the dual booting. I'd love for you to do a video on dual booting and how to change distro without messing up the dual boot process.

    solus and windows would be a good mix for me

  4. Hey, thanks for the review of Solus, your support, and the kind words. Glad sunnyflunk was able to resolve your issue.

    A few bits: Sorry for the OBS issue to begin with. I've streamed with it and gotten the flickering, so I feel your pain, but glad it got sorted in the end. Regarding the darker tray, you can actually disable that via Raven (the applet and notification sidepanel), but going under the Budgie Settings (cog wheel in top right), go to the Panel section, and toggling off "Stylize region".

    Regarding LibreOffice, we actually ship that by default in the new release, 2017.04.18.0. It was a common remark that people made and it just made sense to add it to the ISO.

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