Linux Security (Is Linux More Secure Than Windows)

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is linux more secure than windows.i see people just trolling on this and i wish they wouldn’t do it.

Please watch: “Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Demo – Core i7-7700k Gtx 980ti 4K Gameplay”



  1. LOL, People saying that windows is more secure then Unix?! Nan that's stupidity, How in the world is Windows more secure then Linux?!!! there's no way that Windows is more secure then Linux, Linux is 100 or 50 times more secure then Windows! By the way if this dude said that Windows is more secure then Linux, than the dude lost his had and common sense

  2. LOL, Windows is more secure?!!!! That's so not common sense and its stupidity, first Not in the hell Windows is secure! In my words Unix or Linux is 100 or 50 more time secure then Unix and I agree with you! and I agree with you that Unix or Linux is more secure then Linux and that's the truth and thanks!

  3. Better to use Unix then DOS / PC or Windows-family like systems, using DOS is against the users privacy policy, second on DOS you get more loss of data on Unix on the other hand has less loss of data and more security, There are ways that Windows or DOS can have same security as Unix for Example:
    Work, Mil/ Army people, they have to use Windows but what you don't know is that they are also running Unix at the same time, in no time they can keep their job done with more security, Well I agree that Windows is not secure but when it comes to employment or jobs to do, then bad news windows comes in handy… But then again people or companies have Unix security even if they use windows all the time!

    And I agree in theory that Unix is way more secure then windows and that's a Fact and the truth, but some rare Unix companies have some windows related Behavior, because some Unix companies can have big Markets as Microsoft and that's OK!
    But there are some Unix not to trust and before downloading an app or image to run the Operating System, BE careful BEFORE DOWNLOADING it, you can't just think all Unix are safe by downloading from dangerous or unknown websites! Here are some Unix Companies not to trust:

    * Chinese companies
    * Russian Companies
    ,etc.. Others you can think of!
    And that's all I can tell you for today!

  4. Windows:

    1) Slow On Low End (Cheap), & Old Hardware.

    2) Download Size Is Normally 2 Gigabyte, Or More.

    3) Overpriced Normally $140.00, Or More.

    4) Freezes Quickly, & Very Easily.

    5) If An Application Freezes In Windows You Have 3 Easy Options (Option 1 “Ctrl Alt Del” > “Task Manager” > Right Click On “explorer.exe” > Left Click On “end/kill processor” > “Window r” > Type “explorer.exe”, Option 2 “Ctrl Alt Del” > “Logout/Logoff”, Option 3 Hold The “Power” Button Down Until Your PC Powers Off).

    6) Gets Viruses Very Easily, & Very Quickly.

    7) Easily Hacked.

    8) Collects Your User Data, & In Doing So Invades Your Privacy.

    9) You Can Only Install/Update One Application At A Time, & Microsoft Updates Normally Take 4 Hours, Or More Even On A Fast Internet Connection.

    10) You Can Only Update Microsoft Applications.

    11) If Microsoft Finds A Bug, Or A Security Problem They Keep It To Themselves, Which Is A Good Way To Give A Virus Time To Infect Your PC.

    12) When Microsoft Goes To PATCH A Bug, Or A Security Problem They Take Forever They Can Take Hours, Or Days To Even Start Creating The PATCH.

    13) Microsoft Can Take Hours, Or Days To Send Out An Update, Or Security PATCH Even After The PATCH, Or Update Is Created.

    14) Most Microsoft Updates, & Security PATCHES Do Not Fix The Problem.

    15) Forces Updates On You (Ask You To Update The System Every 10 Minutes).

    16) Created By Paid Microsoft Workers.

    17) Not Fully Customizable.

    18) Close Source (You Can’t Change The Source Code).

    19) Microsoft Only Product.

    20) Gives Users Administrator Access From The Start Which Is A Good Way For Your Computer To Become Infected With Viruses, Because A Virus Need Access To The Main Files To Infect Your System.

    21) Must Install Windows Before You Can Try, Or Use.

    22) Can't Open Folder In New Tab, You Must Open It In New Window.

    23) Can't Find VLC In Start Menu's Search By Typing "LC".

    24) Not Portable.

    25) Not Transparent.

    26) Not Universal.

    27) Always Uses High CPU Usage.

    28) Can’t Uninstall System Applications.

    29) Increases I.T. Cost.

    30) Decreases I.T. Quality.

    31) Vendor Lock-Ins.

    32) High Resource Requirements.


    1) Fast On All Hardware (High End, Low End, Old, & New).

    2) Most Distributions Are Under 1 Gigabyte.

    3) Linux Is FREE.

    4) More Free Applications Then Windows, & Without Ads.

    5) The Second Most Secure O.S. Under BSD.

    6) Does Not Freeze As Easy, Or As Quick As Windows (You Can Leave Your Linux PC Powered On Overnight Without It Freezing).

    7) Most Distributions Boot Up Faster Then Windows, & Applications Start Faster Then Windows.

    8) If An Application Freezes In Linux You Also Have 3 Options, But None Of Them Are Forcing Your PC Off (Option 1 Open “Terminal” > Type “xkill” > Click On The Freezing Application, Option 2 Open “Terminal” > Type “killall [Application’s Name}”, Option 3 (If You Have The Applite On Your Panel) Hover Over Your Panel That Has The “Force Quit” Applite > Click On The “Force Quit” Applite > Click On The Freezing Application.

    9) Does Not Collect Your User Data, Because They Could Care Less What You Have On Your PC, & They Care About Your Privacy.

    10) In The Linux Terminal You Can Install/Update As Many Applications As You Want At One Time, & Linux Normally Takes Less The 2 Hours To Update Applications.

    11) You Can Update User Installed, & System Installed Applications.

    12) If The Linux Community Finds A Bug, Or A Security Problem They Tell All Linux Users About It.

    13) When The Linux Community Goes To FIX A Bug, Or A Security Problem They Start On It Right After They Find The Problem.

    14) The Linux Community Send Out Updates, & Security FIXES Right After They Are Created.

    15) Most Linux Updates, & Security FIXES Actually Fix The Problem.

    16) Does Not Forces Updates On You (If You Say No, Or Not Now It Does Not Ask You Until The Next Time You Log In To Your Account, Or Reboot Your PC).

    17) Open Folder In New Tab.

    18) Find VLC In Start Menu Search By Typing "LC"

    19) Created By Network Engineers, Computer Technicians, Network Security Experts, Network Security Researches, Computer Experts, Programmers, Developers, Computer Hackers, Software Engineers, I.T. Experts, & Every Other Type Of Person Around The World.

    20) Trusted By More Network Engineers, Computer Technicians, Network Security Experts, Network Security Researches, Computer Experts, Programmers, Developers, Computer Hackers, Software Engineers, & I.T. Experts (Most Of Them Will Even Tell You Linux Is More Secure Then Windows).

    21) Fully Customizable.

    22) Open Source (You Can Change The Source Code).

    23) Created All Around The World.

    24) Better Online Support Then Windows.

    25) Better Online Support Forums Then Windows.

    26) Does Not Give A User Administrator (Known As “root”, Or “Super User” In Linux) Access From Start.

    27) Can Try Before You Install By Running As A “Live Boot” Off Of An External Device Like A CD, Or A Flash Drive.

    28) Portable.

    29) Transparent.

    30) Universal.

    31) Most Windows, & OS X Applications Do Not Work With Linux.

    32) Most Windows Server Side Programs Do Not Work With Linux.

    33) Better Then Windows For Everyday Users, As A Server, For Hackers, Programmers, Everyone In The Computer Field, & Everyone Else.

    34) Rarely Uses High CPU Usage.

    35) Can Uninstall System Applications.

    36) Decreases I.T. Cost.

    37) Increases I.T. Quality.

    38) No Vendor Lock-Ins.

    39) Low Resource Requirements.

  5. I Use To Use Windows For Everything But Now I Use Linux, Because With Windows I Always Got Viruses Even With Anti-Virus Installed, & Windows Is Very Unstable. I Only Use Linux, & Have Been Doing So For At Least 6 Years Now. I Never Installed Anti-Virus On Any Of The Linux Distributions That I Have Tried, & I Never Got A Virus, Or Had My Linux Desktop Hacked. Updating On Linux Is Better Then Updating On Windows Also.

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