Linux Sysadmin Basics 02.1 — More Basic Commands

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Another batch of basic commands that you’ll use all the time:

head (read lines from beginning of file)
tail (read lines from end of file)
tail -f (follow file input, i.e. see new additions in realtime)
ln -s (create symbolic links to a file)

#Shell (bash):
ctrl-a (beginning of line)
ctrl-e (end of line)
ctrl-r (backwards history search)
ctrl-c to interrupt
closing connections/terminals -ctrl-d

poweroff / init 0 / shutdown -h now

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  1. I think you were having a bad day when you made this video, it's not as good as the previous ones. It's like you are rushing to get it over with.

  2. Hi Dave,
    Until the last video it was as Dave@mylinuxmachine
    But in this it starts with root@fel
    Can you please explain me this to me soon, to continue learning it

  3. A – afore (as in aforementioned)
    A – advance (as in advance notice)

    Are two off the top of my head

    *Sidenote: Thinking about a possible mnemonic also helps to solidify the concept. Bonus

  4. This video made no sense after u started using puppetconfig at minute 5:37 it sounds more like you just started rumbling on about a lot of things but with no real explanation.
    Also when you edited the file3LINK u did not show how to quit out of that.

  5. For those that came straight from the previous video and using ubuntu just type sudo su which prompts for your password. Enter password and it changes from $ to #.

  6. A few things that have me a little confused…You go to edit the file, but you have not covered how to do that (you started talking about doing it, but got distracted and never finished up). So now, when you go to edit here it is not known at all. You use sudo, but don't explain what that is….in the previous videos you always explain the commands. I am sure things will become clearer down the line, but I have no idea what the point of the link function is. To me it looks like all you have done is given 1 file 2 names. Is this right, and if so, why? Surely if you wanted to give multiple people access to the file you could put it in a shared folder rather than have a linked file for each one? Again, I am obviously new here, and I am sure my ignorance is shining through….I am just trying to get a handle on this

  7. I'm trying to follow a file.txt (tail -f file.txt) but only update in terminal if the file.exe is edited in another terminal.
    When I edit the file straight from Text Editor program doesn't refresh in the main terminal.
    How can that be changer ? and why doesn't t refresh the same?

  8. 1) At 4:54 . "Oh god! no editors" Question : Doesn't every GNU/Linux system comes with Vi/m pre installed ?#LinuxNewbie

    2) Fantastic typing speed man! What is the average wpm of system admins? Stuck at 60 wpm. Any tips?

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