Linux Terminal Basics: Cut – Abstract Fields / Characters

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Cut can be used to abstract fields or characters from a text file or piped command. The output of cut could be parsed to a different command like Sort.

cut -f 1, -d : input.txt
-f field (use with -d delimiter)
-b byte values (specific characters)
-c range of characers
–output-delimiter= (replace output delimiter)

Background from Charlie Henson:
Jughead Abstract 11 –

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  1. looking up 'cut' yesterday to remove the filename from a downloaded md5sum so I can compare it to the calculated md5. Still figuring out how to do the comparison, not sure if 'tee -a' will comes into it? Thanks for the vid !)

  2. Nice one. The cut command is pretty cool, but I rarely ever use it, because it's usually not needed, when a simple enough bash parameter expansion more than suffices, unless of course it's a quickie on the terminal.

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