Linux Terminal commands and navigation for Beginners -Part1

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A beginners tutorial on the Linux Shell. How to use basic line commands such as
pwd, cd, ls, and clear. Also the difference between absolute and relative paths when navigating Linux directories and file tree


  1. I have to ask something a bit off topic. I couldn't but notice that my vm with the latest ubuntu (16.04) is running really slow, lags all the time and I gave it 4 of my 8 gb ram and with my qcore proc…How is your machine going so smooth? Thnx

  2. Hallo, could you please help me? I made a gameboy with a raspberry pi zero, the problem is that the rasperry pi zero only has one mini usb hub. I soder a USB hub to it but it does not get power enough. I need to change the speed of the USB hub to 1.1 in the config.txt file… but I do not know what I should write… could you tell me how to do it or which line should I add to my config.txt file? thanks a lot

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