Linux Terminal for Absolute Beginners

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This is a segment I’ve been wanting to do for a while! I know a lot of you want to get started with Linux, and this is my guide for the most important part of Linux, and the biggest assett, the terminal!



  1. hey man the last couple days I've been researching coding and how the internet actually works . I'm 27 and know nothing about coding at all. nothing. but I really wanna start learning. you think you can make a video for not just beginers but for people that don't know shit and telling them how to start? like programs to use, how to get/use, things to study, articles, websites or books to read, maybe some basic code where to utilise it and how? something along those lines. I like your dark web videos a lot so looked for a video to try and teach me how to start learning code but I was still so confused watching. would be so awesome and would help me and I'm sure a lot others out. haven't found a single thing on YouTube doing this . thanks man.

  2. i have zero programming frame of reference.  i think i am even more of a noob than your title would suggest. total and utter deer in the headlights.  i am not complaining though.  i will view other videos to figure out what even i am supposed to do with linux and come back to yours.  so i have zero zero zero ideas what you even mean, you could be speaking arabic or mandarin for all i know, that is how foreign the things you are saying sound to me.  so obviously i need to do lots more research before i even qualify as an absolute beginner for this video.  i'll be back!

  3. bottom line? Fedora, but if you mean with the least amount of setup and working right off the bat? Linux Mint Debian Edition. regular mint sucks. Debian Edition is a rolling release so you have the newest release all the time and it comes with all the forbidden codecs and stuff without any extra setup.

  4. I dont recommend Ubuntu anymore. I recommend Linux Mint Debian Edition. This is different than the normal Linux Mint. You can get a copy from DistroWatch for free. Be sure to choose Debian Edition because it is based on Debian, whereas normal Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu. Ubuntu used to be based on Debian, but it has changed a lot, and Ubuntu no longer has your best interests in mind, selling your info to advertisers and such.

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