Linux Terminal Tutorial – Basic Terminal Commands (Ubuntu , Linux Mint , Debian ..)

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  1. How to save the output (image) in ubantu? I create some file (.sch, .cir, .net) and execute them in sequence and finally i obtained the plot of voltage Vs current in separate box. Box has two options: 1. Quit 2. Hardcopy. Now i am not able to save this output as image file. Please help me

  2. Thank for posting this tutorial. I have never used Linux or that ubuntu terminal before and I need to know how to get started with it. Someone told me that the commands were Python. Thanks you helped me find out that I was lied to.

  3. Hello, thank you so much for this helpful tutorial. I just recently moved from windows to ubuntu and the operating system is very fascinating to me. When I input nano hw into my terminal, I got a blank screen. However, if I go to the folder and click on the file with my mouse I can see the content of the document "hello world." Did I do something wrong?

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