Linux Thursday – April 5, 2018 – “I Found Matt Edition”

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It’s Thursday! And that can mean only one thing… Linux Day on the Lunduke Show! Where you decide what we talk about… as long as it’s at least a little Linux-y! This week we took a boat-load of questions — sent in via email — about Linux and Free Software.

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  1. Thank You to Matt for the recomendation of MX-Linux.
    Been using mint18.3 Cinnamon and trying out other distros and while I will keep the mint on 1 computer, the MX on the other is staying. It seems to be what I was looking for as far of ease of use, nice comfy UI and enough power to advance as I learn linux. It will require me to do so I think which Mint wasn't doing. While I might not recomend it for someone that isn't at all computer savvy it is a nice balance to turn on my inner geek. Thanks again Matt!

  2. I just watched these "Hi, I'm Linux" ads, they are pretty good. Totally copied from Apple vs. Windows ads but still. Google it with "Hi I'm Linux" and Google gives all the results on the top of the results.

  3. The new microsoft office interface is part of why I insist on using libreoffice. I like Libreoffice's layout. Microsoft Office 2007 was the last decent one, and Microsoft office 2003 was perfect.

  4. As DELL si offering RHEL pre installed and not only Ubuntu,
    Coreboot or Libreboot with the AMT disabled would increase, and a lot their RHEL pre installed devices sells from servers to hybrids even to make them work as tablets.

  5. Another reason the Linux Foundation wont advertise, especially for a distro. Imagine this:
    Potential Linux customer: Im thinking of switching to Linux
    Linux Foundation: Great! We have over 1000 distros for you to choose from!
    Potential Linux customer: Over 1000…? Thats a lot… Which do you recommend?
    Linux Foundation: Red Hat and Suse! (since they are platinum partners…)

  6. Bryan, please ask Purism to *upgrade the specs on Librem 5*. If they want to release it in January 2019, it shouldn't be 3 years behind at a $600 price-point. For example, 3GB of RAM is not enough; they should do 8GB….it will be 2019 and they plan to connect them to external monitors! Also, a 5" display is not enough for 2019; 6" is much, much better. 🙂

  7. You are overlooking the obvious. Someone buys an open source Tiger laptop for kids. He modifies it, with something "bad." Time goes by, he forgets about the mod and donates it.
    Sometime later a kid gets ahold of it and sees this "bad" stuff. The parents find out and blame Tiger and go on the warpath. The bad press is far worse than any positive PR they will get from open sourcing.

    Also, gotta love Matt going straight to MS bashing with false information, again. Unless a user is using an ancient version of Office, your license key is tied to your account. Therefore, it is impossible to lose your license key. You can go to any Windows PC, log into your account, download Office and go. However, I love LibreOffice and have been using it forever, as I do not want to pay for Office. LibreOffice does everything I need, for free. As for MS Office "poo-pooing," I have never seen MS Office crash. Ever. And in all my years in support and as a systems admin, I have installed and seen a LOT of Office installs. Office is rock solid. However, I have definitely seen LibreOffice crash. While LibreOffice does contain most, if not all, of MS Office's basic functionality, it does not hold a candle to its advanced functionality. For most people, LibreOffice is fine, but there is always a user who wants functionality that isnt there. In addition to that, many programs have MS Office integration, which LibreOffice cannot provide. Another issue, specific to Linux is updates. Windows keeps MSO up to date automatically with patches. Even LibreOffice on Windows stays up to date, notifying you a patch is available on startup. If you installed LO from a Linux repository, you are stuck downstream waiting for patches and upgrades to be approved.

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