Linux Thursday – Feb 1st, 2018

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It’s Thursday!  And that can mean only one thing… Linux Day on the Lunduke Show!  Where you decide what we talk about… as long as it’s at least a little Linux-y!

Topics include: Interviewing Richard Stallman, what can Windows or MacOS do that Linux can’t, Linux on an old Playstation 2, moving friends and co-workers to FOSS, ReactOS, best Desktop Environment for touch screens, fan control and battery usage under Linux, starting a new Linux-y career, a hypothetical about Stallman and…


  1. I just found out this week that slackware was still alive, and was surprised. It was the first linux distro I ever tried back in 1997 during the 3.0 era, from the Walnut Creek CD iso's.

  2. AMD is just so hit and miss over the years. Most of my machines(save for my 2009 core2 duo laptop) have been AMD ever since the K6 days due to either cost ratio or luck of the used bin.
    Certain sub-generations have issues. The old laptop models mentioned specifically had heat issues and the 32bit Athlons up to the 1800xp are power hungry per cycle and mounted to a weird sub-PCB module. The K8 dual core 64bit (AM2 socket) on the other hand seem to be built for the long haul, I have two up and running.(this machine is one) Not sure of the AM3 chips, my upgrade timeline just skipped over them.

    My Fx8320 machine, [piledriver gen. just before Ryzen] with gigabyte mainboard along with a friend's very similar machine(purchased a year apart and two time zones and power grids away) both went funky in December 2017, electrical or heat issues. His was a full death CPU and mainboard, mine is limping along with sudden restarts every few hours.(thermal paste refreshed back in July) I was never happy with the gigabyte firmware from the start though.

  3. Bryan, my phone must hate your channel. I went to unload it and it stuttered a bit, and registered a down vote on this video. I immediately re-tapped it to turn it back. There's still one left, but that's fortunately not me. 🙂

  4. I took me at least 6 months to move all my friends from Skype onto TS3. I can't think how long it would take to move them to an open source alternative (such as Mumble). But TS3 is still cool I guess, since I run my own server.

  5. What can't Linux do windows can? Apparently it can't open an MS office doc and display it to look EXACTLY the way it looks on a windows machine with the same fonts spacing paragraph lengths and the like. (This is why I couldn't get my mother to use Linux.) Apparently even if you install MS fonts LibreO won't pull and load them for a MS doc that uses them.

  6. The one thing that Windows can do that Linux can't is run most video streaming services. Netflix works pretty well on Linux, but most other services either require a work around or don't work at all. It's not Linux's fault at all, but that is one major thing that most people care about that is a weak point.

  7. 1:55 How do I get fan control on laptop (Arch)?
    3:40 Co-worker is dualbooting shutter, should I humilate or stone him?
    6:45 I have never met a slackware user
    10:40 System 76 future plans
    16:04 Have you ever installed linux on a PS2?
    18:30 What is the best DE for a convertable laptop in tablet mode?
    21:00 Haiku and ReactOS
    26:00 How do I get my friends to be GNU+ friends?
    31:40 What can't linux do that windows and mac can?
    35:50 Richard Stallman interview, can we get another interview?
    40:00 What area of profession should I join linux? (Journalism, programming , etc)
    44:30 My 13 year old son build computers and we switched to AMD, are we being too cautious?
    50:20 What do you think about freedos?
    52:40 RMS and Torvalds accidently walk into a biker bar, which one stays and what would they order to dri

  8. What Matt forgets about his hypothetical scenery where everyone changes to AMD and then someone find a hole in AMD is that the only reason for Intel to take it's proverbial head from their ass IS because everyone moved away from them, and the reason for AMD to avoid shit like that. That's why Intel did stuff like IME, because they had no real competitor, so why not. That's why DOES matter, that's why security in Windows sucks, because their users doesn't care about it, that's why Apple sell crap at gold price, their users don't care. We care about stability, performance, security, etc. That's why we get more of those, not caring is a dangerous thing because none will care for us. Saying that that's why security doesn't matter is like saying why use condoms, some may be broken anyway.

  9. I disagree that linus is mostly on the same page with RMS, he is a engineer that randomly choose the gpl, and when he startet to care he opposed strongly against GPLv3 so it's not only that he likes to use another word fro free software he deeply disagrees what software freedom means or if it should apply to stuff.

    He is closer to the bsd folks from a software freedom standpoint than he is with rms.

    and its not unreflectiveness he loves android and co… the more people use linux even to push for more proprietary software he is happy and brags about it.

    He has his good sites he is a usefull fool and makes some funny rants but no he is not on the same page with rms or me.

    He might help free software as a mistake basically but he does not care he wants his linux powered laser sharks (linux cited) he doesn't care about moral.

    Take his nvidia stance he did not complain that its proprietary software he just explained that this software is not good enough so a better blob and he would be happy. And you don't have to go so extreme points and uncompromisingful and bash every proprietary software to be more pro free software. but he doesn't care 1%.

    I mean you could say I love proprietary software thats freedom, but on the critical peace of software like the kernel with root/kernel privilegas propriatary software is just pure evilness, get rid of that. You are still far more compromissing than rms, and you make no enemy out of 99% of the proprietary software developers.

    I did not even here him complaining about Adobe flash, even when it died, even Apple took a bigger stance against that garbage than linus.

  10. Rough-looking cowboy rides across the plains, Rocky Mountains looming in the background. His horse rears up. He dismounts, pulls the latest System76 laptop from his saddlebag, and connects to the Internet.

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