Linux Thursday – Mar 8th, 2018 – “Career in Linux Edition”

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It’s Thursday! And that can mean only one thing… Linux Day on the Lunduke Show! Where you decide what we talk about… as long as it’s at least a little Linux-y! This week almost all of the questions were focused on how to build a career in Linux and Open Source. Which, as luck would have it, we know a little something about.

Note: Lunduke’s audio gets a little quiet for a few moments in the later part of the show. For some reason the audio got auto-adjusted (it’s set to not do…


  1. Hey Bryan, I am wandering for quite long, and right now it seems to be connected with your commentary about Microsoft heart-stamping open-source projects.. Who is worse? The company that makes it clear 'This product is proprietary', or the one that uses FOSS community/philosophy to take advantage of it? I am working in a small company in industrial automation market. Even though I am long-term Linux user and free software lover, we are developing products that are closed source (taking advantage of LGPL and BSD licensed packages). One of our project components is Qt library. IMO Qt Company, is dishonestly taking advantage of GPLv3 limitations. By that I mean that some key components (such as Qt Charts) are dual licenced under GPLv3 and their commercial licence, which btw is absurdly non affordable for small businesses… Also, their sales departament won't give you any hint on LGPL obligations for other components. Could you please tell me your opinion on the subject? digital-hug

  2. Higher pay with a degree is a correlation, not cause and effect.(It's often presented as causation by those who make money from college enrollments.)
    A deeper psychological look into the correlation it reveals that success in college is determined by many of the same traits that govern general business success(regardless of degree), namely base IQ, conscientiousness (eg work ethic, organization), persistence or ability to negotiate obstacles, and a tolerance for stress. This is assuming similar general levels of knowledge.

  3. I truly agree with never never NEVER dual boot mindset, Windows Boot-loader is a huge pain in the ass, even if you wipe the windows partition, but if you forget to wipe the windows boo-loader, if you plug in that drive into your machine, if your PC for some stupid reason decides to choose that device as a primary boot drive, you have 0.1 seconds to pull the plug, other wise the Windows Boot-loader will realize that you do not have a windows partition and will attempt to "fix" you computer, in the process destroying Grub.
    This crap happened to me a bunch of times, now I specifically check if a drive has a windows boo-loader on it before even plugging it into any of my machines, because you will forget its there and if you ever reset your BIOS, how can you be sure it wont chose it as the default boot device.

  4. Dualbooting can prove to be troublesome I approach dualbooting by using two separate drives and choosing the drive I want to boot via bios.
    this way windows won't be able to touch grub.

  5. Dual boot? IMHO: No. But what happened to the swap your os drive option? Dual boot usually kicks you in the butt, but if you can just choose one or the other hard drive it works great. I have 2 ssd's one for my main system, and the other for whatever sounds like fun to test. I used to use this method for Windows too. 🙂

  6. Honestly, fixing grub isnt that hard to do if windows destroys it. Live CD, mount the drives, chroot, and run grub-install. Ive tried a windows VM before, but I eventually migrated to dual boot; the vm felt a bit laggy and didnt take full advantage of my hardware. And I boot into Windows with such irregularity that things arent likely going to break.

  7. Another option for 'dual booting' is to use a second hdd/ssd and swap the two around in the BIOS boot order. That way they are seperate installations and can't break each. It saves needing a second physical machine. It's easy on a desktop and even on a laptop which doesn't have space for two drives you can use an external hdd/ssd.

  8. Woah.. a new Lunduke show! Awesome, I thought the FreeBSD maintainers had murdered you and I was never gonna see you & hartley together again. Congrats on your survival – keep it up!

  9. Dualbooting is the way to go if you have your nice setup. Why would I buy a separate machine (assuming I got money) to do my Linux environment in if I can spend $100 on an extra SSD and put it there? I keep my nice chair, keyboard, wiring, dual monitors and switch between OSs within a minute if I need to. Running either OS in VM usually introduces lag that makes it frustrating to deal with on any OS, and many game anti-cheat systems will not let you play from within a VM even if you manage to get it running.
    If you have Windows and Linux running on separate SSDs then you can boot into either pretty fast, keep your grub configuration secure and away from Windows, keep your Linux SSD out of Windows reach and run both OSs natively on your nice hardware.
    Why invent the wheel and try to run Windows applications where they don't belong? I get the whole bit about freedom and security and Windows being awful, but using an install of Windows just for games keeps your more sensitive stuff away and if you have to do productivity like Premiere, they don't work all that well in VM/Wine anyways.

  10. My work machine; a MBP running Arch Antergos with only 8 GB of RAM keeps me on my toes as I tend to run Evolution, KVM (W2016S and a W10 guest for experimenting), Libre Office and Brave. If I need anything else to run, I have to micromanage. Q_Q

    As long as it's alive, I'm not getting a new one… Considering having a mishap, badly.

  11. 29:37 wow Bryan, I strongly disagree with that. Video game consoles are the worst kind of closed source, proprietary and closed "eco-systems". Buying an Xbox is basically giving more money to Microsoft, so that they keep they monopoly, stifling innovation, and overall leeching the whole video game market. Same for Nintendo and Sony by the way. Definitely not something to recommend as a "FOSS" guy…
    And you can basically consider Windows like a console by itself already. Better buy a computer, put a free copy of Windows on it and call it a dedicated video game console instead.

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