Linux Tip | Making Backups with Grsync

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A quick look at one of my favorite Linux utilities for moving data around and making simple backups. For info on how I can help you get started with Linux check out


  1. I migrated from "Windows" with "Bvckup" to "Mint" and "grsync" and everything works flawlessly. I'm stack though with a problem and i can't seem to find the answer anywhere around. Bvckup after configuration went into "automate mode" but grsync doesn't by default. There isn't any option too. So how to make grsync follow/execute the tasks automatically at user log in or at program startup?

  2. Joe; at this moment I have just installed Mint 18.1 MATE x64 for the SECOND time! I had backed up my data two days ago and decided to upgrade to 18.2 and that obviously was a mistake. I used grsync to back up the data onto an external drive and into a custom folder named "Mintvault" to identify it from the other directories on that drive. I repartitioned my hard drive and made my home partition larger as I had to remove my music folder as it was the largest and I was in danger of losing my downloaded podcasts (using gPodder) as it constantly expands. I had viewed your video on backups and moving them to another system as well as this one in using grsync so I used grsync to create the backup. the first attempt at restoring my data failed because I had to stop and leave (the cafe) so I had to restart it today. I completed the restore and my data ended up in my home folder but inside the custom folder that I named for the backup so I opened up a tty, logged in as root, deleted the "new" user directory and moved the backed up data into it's place. I rebooted and was greeted with my restored desktop but with a missing application, a flashing desktop bar on the bottom (I moved it to the top originally) and the "busy system" circle icon in the middle of the screen along with a flashing data window. I decided to just start over again so I've reinstalled Mint 18.1 as 18.2 is just not working for me. If you have any idea as to why my restore went "tango-u" and "snafu" I'm all ears. Hp ProBook 4530S Intel® Core™ i5-2450M CPU @ 2.50GHz × 4, 8Gigs DDRam.

  3. Hi Joe…loving your videos as very new to Linux (Mint 18.2). I'm using Grsync and trying to make a backup on a Drobo Nas but keep getting red warnings in Grsync. I have mounted the NAS in Mint but cannot get the backup to work. Report from Grsync here….

    ** default – Sun Aug 13 11:15:49 2017

    ** Launching RSYNC command (simulation mode):
    pkexec rsync -r -n -t -p -o -g -x -v –progress –delete -u -s /home/ /run/user/1000/gvfs/smb-share:server=drobo5n.local,share=drobopublic/PC Backup Mint/

    sending incremental file list
    rsync: ERROR: cannot stat destination "/run/user/1000/gvfs/smb-share:server=drobo5n.local,share=drobopublic/PC Backup Mint/": Permission denied (13)
    rsync error: errors selecting input/output files, dirs (code 3) at main.c(652) [Receiver=3.1.1]
    Rsync process exit status: 3

    Can you help?

  4. I really appreciate your work. Fun fact, today I lost some configurations and first thing I remembered was my backup with Grsync that reminded me of you and this video. I only knew this program from you and you saved me two weeks of work.
    Came to say thank you very much have a great day.

  5. So Joe- if i backup the home folder to say a seperate internal hard-drive- and my linux gets hosed=- I just reinstall linux from scratch, and copy the home folder on backupdrive back to the home folder position in linux on main drive?? That will put back all my drivers, programs custom tweaks (ie menu preferences, desktop icons etc)? Also how quick is this method? (About 70 gig in my home folder) I have liek a program called easystroke that has many custom set mouse gestures- and it's a pain to reinstall all the gestures and commands- will this method of backup restore all the custom settings?

  6. Hi Joe, as always thanks for your awesome videos. I know this is an older one but I was revisiting it to get a refresher on rsync. I have a question, when you spoke about getting a new old stock hard drive for cheap, it there a particular place you shop for hardware that you can recommend ? I usually use Amazon because prime is just such a good deal, and even without prime their prices are great. I used to go to a local recycling place to buy parts and old machines to play with but their prices have gotten out of control and the hardware is mostly too old now.
    Also, your chart hits archive, is it Billboard charts ? I have been looking for something like that, I DJ on the side sometimes and having a collection like that to fall back on for requests would be helpful.
    Have a wonderful week and Happy Halloween !

  7. Joe. I think that you should talk about selecting the destination directory. As a new user, I mistakenly left the destination directory the same name as the source directory. So what happened is that it made many duplicate files in the source home directory. I deleted the duplicates in the source directories but they went to the expunged directory and it won't give me permission to permanently delete them from the guy. Don

  8. I want to take this time to thank you Joe. You know I love working with Linux, and if you explain in such a way that even I can get. You can share it well and my friend you have master that. Than you for all that you do.

  9. Thanks for the tutorial. I used grsync to copy one folder to another and once finished I looked at both sizes and they were different by a few mb!? Is this normal?

  10. This is just the program I was looking for……..I was getting ready to study up on rsync. The front end makes the process quick and very easy to sync files and folders. I just backed up some files over my LAN and it worked perfectly.
    Thank you for the information, as always your videos are a wealth of information.
    grsync another great program to help cut our ties to Windows.

  11. Just what the Doctor ordered. I am in the middle of the first backup and my only observation is that 'status bar' is useless. Can't wait to check the files. I am backing about 100GB from a 1TB drive to a external 3TB drive.

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