Linux Training – HOW TO Log into Linux with Putty and Basic Linux Commands

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This Linux video tutorial from demonstrates how to log into a Linux server using Putty, as well as how to issue basic Linux commands, such as ls, cd, mkdir, rmdir, and touch. You’ll learn how to navigate through Linux directories and to view files.


  1. M running Linux mint 18.2 , i recently installed putty via apt-get command everything went fine , but when i log to my server it closes automatically after successful login
    when i type wrong pass it give that the password is incorrect
    any help please

  2. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I was stuck trying to activate my
    cPanel license and using Putty and basic commands I was able to do it. I
    almost had to wait hours for my server admin but with this I did it in 5 mins.

  3. How do you put password?? im trying 100times it says access denied… i tryed copy from vps site ( server password ofc ) and right click on putty comand and nothing.. i can'c paste or type anything in putty

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