Linux: Trash Your Debian/Ubuntu System! (rmne)

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If you’re an insit user, you can install rmne easily with: sudo insit rmne

If you’ve already done that, be sure to update it soon, as it’ll no doubt be getting some handy updates today.

My GitHub:
I’m also ‘Termy’ on the Linux Mint support forums.

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  1. Cool man. This is an interesting idea, especially for those of us who like to keep things lean. It'd be cool to see maybe a follow-up vid on some of the possibilities this could open up for the user. And maybe see some of the fun hurdles that I am sure one is to encounter:P

    Also, a bit off topic here, and while I have yer eyes– I recently watched your vid on why you have stuck around with Ubuntu, whilst being more like an 'Arch user', and you mentioned that a big reason is because this is Linux and it doesn't really matter what we run because ultimately we have the power to transform the base distro into anything we want. And I totally agree. What struck my curiousity, though, is when you mentioned swapping out package managers. Like swapping out pacman for apt. Or, better yet, adding another package manager on top of the preexisting one.
    Just how hard would that be??
    Could the idea have potential as a video idea?
    Or did I read too much into that idea, and is it actually just a silly, futile notion for me to even consider? Obviously this wouldn't be an idea for the faint of heart.
    Ok, super long, convoluted question done- Thanks for your time and you vids:)

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