Linux Tutorial: Adding a Graphical Interface to Arch Linux

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  1. First off thanks for the tutorial. I am attempting to dual boot Arch with my Windows 8 laptop. I have no problems so far but unfortunately my little laptop doesn't have an Ethernet port so I have to connect to wifi. How do I go about doing this? I used the command "iw dev" to connect to my internet before but it's not letting me do it this time

  2. Great Tutorial! This was literally the first tutorial on such a subject, which I could follow through til the end. You definetively have to keep the ArchLinux tutorial line up and running!

  3. One more clarifying comment…. I actually am trying to install Arch linux in VirtualBox and use it strictly as a terminal interface, but I'd like the terminal screen resolution to be bigger.  I'm trying to get back to basics and learn to code in vim as well as become comfortable with the linux terminal.

  4. Hi, thanks for the video.  Any chance you could give a tutorial on how to install Guest Editions for Virtualbox using Arch Linux?  I've tried but found that it is definitely not intuitive.

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